Glucoamylase Enzyme- 1 oz

Glucoamylase Enzyme- 1 oz

Beta Glucanase- 1 oz

Beta Glucanase reduces wort viscosity, improves solid/liquid separation and improves lautering and filtration.

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Beta Glucanase is a unique enzyme complex that catalyzes the breakdown of barley and malt beta-glucans and is capable of solving a range of problems encountered with such high molecular-weight polysaccharides. Because of its tolerance to a wide range of pH and temperatures, beta glucanase can be used either in mashing or during fermentation of beer.

It reduces wort viscosity, improves solid/liquid separation, lautering and filtration. Beta glucanase is especially useful when malt quality may be variable or under-modified or when barley is used as an adjunct.

Usage is 2-3 grams per 5 gallon batch or 14-15 grams per barrel
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