Hitempase- 1 liter

Hitempase- 1 liter

Hitempase 1.3 oz bottle- 35 ml

1.3 ounce bottle of Hitempase. For maintaining a liquid mash when using large proportions of adjuncts. Order today!

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Used in the brewing industry for effective liquefaction of starch in grists containing up to 100% unmalted cereal (0.05- 0.1% on weight of dry grist) . It is also used during wort boiling in beer production for the elimination of starch positive worts and to prevent alpha glucan hazes. Keep your corn or Bourbon mash from setting up like concrete!!!

Use 1-2 ml (1/4 tsp) per gallon of mash to keep mash (esp corn mash) from solidifying.
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