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Homebrewing Supplies

Your one stop shop for all your homebrewing needs. From hops to yeast, malt extracts to grains, kegging supplies to racking equipment, and so much more; Grape and Granary provides all of your homebrewing supplies and accessories. If you can't get enough homebrewing be sure to check out our winemaking, mead making, and liquor making as well!

Start Homebrewing Today

Homebrewing is more than a hobby for most, it’s an obsession, for some even a way of life. Homebrewing is fun, simple, and highly enjoyable. If you can put together a grilled cheese sandwich, you can start homebrewing! Get started with your homebrewing adventure today with our high quality homebrewing kits, homebrewing supplies, and homebrewing accessories. Let’s make some beer!

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  1. Pilsen Malt- Westbranch

    Pilsner Malt- West Branch

    Westbranch Malting Co
    Item #GR19B
    Imparts a delicately distinct 'Pilsner' flavor which results in a smoother, less grainy flavored beer. A superb base malt for Pilsner and lager beers. Buy now! Learn More
  2. Kerry Whirlfloc Tablets- 5 lb Bag

    Kerry Whirlfloc Tablets- 5 lb Bag

    Item #BA21G
    Learn More
  3. Measuring Spoons- Stainless Steel

    Measuring Spoons- Stainless Steel

    Progressive International
    Item #BE100
    Set of 5 heavy duty stainless steel measuring spoons. High quality for accurate measuring. Won't bend. Buy now! Learn More
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3 Item(s)