Beech Smoked Malt- Weyermann

Beech Smoked Malt- Weyermann

Smoked Cherry Malt- Briess

For brewing Kolsch-type beers. This malt is produced in the only malting in the Cologne region of
Germany. A perfect base malt for Kolsch. Buy now!

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Smoked Cherry Malt- Briess (LB)
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Smoked Cherry Malt- Briess (OZ)
Produced using cherry wood and a proprietary smoking process. Contributes a smooth, sweet, smoky flavor.

Flavor contributions: smooth, sweet, smoky. Available by the ounce, pound, five pound or 50 lb.

5-10% of grain bill will yield smoke character in lighter styles such as Scottish Ales and Ofests

10-20% of grain bill will yield pronounced smoke character in lighter styles.

30-60% of grain bill will yield noticeable to pronounced smoke character in darker styles like stouts and porters.

Briess recommends limiting amount of cherry smoked malt to no more than 60% of the grist. Color is approx 5 deg Lovi.

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