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Trappist Blend- 3789PC (Private Collection)

Trappist Blend- 3789PC (Private Collection)

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Blend of Belgian Sacch and Brett for emulating Trappist beer from Florenville in Belgium. Order today! Limited Availability

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Available July-Sept.

Trappist Blend

For Belgian Specialty Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, Flanders Red and Old Bruin.

Profile: A unique blend of Belgian Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces for emulating Trappist style beer from the Florenville region in Belgium. Phenolics, mild fruitiness and complex spicy notes develop with increased fermentation temps. Subdued but classic Brett character.

Alc Tolerance: 12%, Flocculation Medium, Attenuation 75-80% and Temp Range 65-85 deg F.

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