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Vintner's Best- Hemp (cbd) Wine Base

Vintner's Best Hemp/CBD Base 128 oz. winemaking kit. Great wine in 5 weeks! 5 mg of CBD per serving.
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Vintners Best Hemp-CBD Wine Base

Get ready for a truly unique wine making and drinking experience. The final product exudes an earthy undertone and has a crisp-citrus finish. Though we cannot guarantee any health benefits, CBD can have a wide variety of positive effects on the body.

Studies have shown CBD to be a holistic approach to help with relaxation, reduce anxiety, lessen joint pain, improve skin health and enhance brain stimulation

Makes 5 US gallons. Requires yeast (not included).

* When reconstituted, the product is guaranteed to contain 5 mg/8 fl oz of cannabidiol (CBD), extracted solely from hemp. Campden tablets, sorbate (or wine conditioner) and sugar may be needed for sweetening.

Contains no THC. Extract is derived solely from hemp.

* Campden tablets, sorbate (or wine conditioner) and sugar may be needed for sweetening.

1. Sanitize: Clean all equipment and utensils with a sanitizing solution
2. Add Ingredients: In a sanitized fermenter, add 4 gallons of water and the one gallon fruit base. Stir well. Record Starting specific gravity (use a hydrometer).
3. Pitch Yeast: Sprinkle yeast on surface of the must and stir well. Allow fermentation to begin. Maintain temperature at 68-72 deg F. during fermentation.
4. Monitor: Fermentation will begin within 24-48 hours. Allow must to ferment for 2 weeks (14 days).
5. Secondary Racking: After 2 weeks of primary fermentation, rack the wine into a clean and sanitized secondary fermenter (glass or plastic carboy). Allow wine to finish fermentation for an additional 4 weeks (30 days).
6. Record: After the 4 week secondary fermentation, take a specific gravity reading with your hydrometer. If specific gravity is at or below 1.000, proceed with step 7. If gravity is higher than 1.000, continue fermentation until gravity is 1.000 or lower.
7. Stabilizing and clearing: Rack wine to a sanitized carboy, leaving any sediment behind. To stabilize the wine, add one crushed campden tablet per gallon of finished wine. Next, add 1/2 teaspoon potassium sorbate per gallon to the wine and stir well. Allow time for the wine to clear. After approximately 7 days, the wine should be clear and ready to sweeten/bottle. NOTE: do not move to sweetening step until wine is clear.
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