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A Word From Satisfied Customers

To the Attention of Mr. Jim Pastor & the Staff of The Grape and Granary

     I just wanted to send a little not of gratitude your way, not only for offering such a large selection of items at prices

that are significantly less than your competitors, but also for the lightning fast shipping of my order.  I definitely intend

to do business with your company in the future!  Excellent service and communication all the way from beginning to end!  Even though my order was a small one, it was still treated with great professionalism, and that is rarely seen these days!  Thank you so much. John C.


     Thanks for the great service and great pricing. When I shop online I   compare G&G to a variety of other

HB shops. You guys win every time with   having what I want in stock, cheapest shipping, and best pricing.

You   guys rock!  

Nick Ohio


     I just wanted to drop you a line and congratulate you on your recent advancements in quantum teleportation. 

It's the only explanation for how you got my order to my home so quickly.  I ordered on Monday afternoon and

received my order Tuesday morning.  I don't know which I like more about your business - the prices or the

quick turnaround.   My best regards to you and your team!!  Great job!! 

Bob .


WOW!  That's the only word I have for your operation.  I've been to many wineries, but none compare to yours! 

We were "first time" customers on Saturday, but we felt right at home.  Your friendliness and hospitality was

fantastic.  Unfortunately, I live in Columbus and don't make it to Akron very often, but I'm sure going to be

stopping back in whenever I'm in town.  ...Or I may just make special trips to Akron just to go back to

your store.

And special thanks to Meredith.  Her knowledge, charm, patience, and sense of humor were a welcoming,

wonderful treat.  I will never forget the hospitality of your entire staff!

Thank you again for a memorable weekend!


I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful help I have received after calling (several times).  I have

been homebrewing beer for about six months, and you all have been the best as far as selection, customer

service and overall satisfaction!  Every time I have called, you have answered my questions quickly and accurately. 

Keep up the good work!  I also saw your ad in BYO (even though I learned about you from my neighbor from Ohio). 

Also, the G&G (extract) dunkelweizen kit is awesome!  I have brewed two of them now, and have received

more compliments on that beer than any other of my homebrews!

Sean- Melbourne Florida


Just wanted to thank you for all you do. I have been doing business with
 you for a little over 10 years, and have never been disappointed. I have
 shopped both online and walk in, and I am impressed by both. Online, the
 shipping is quick and accurate, and walk in is friendly and fun. Your
 knowledge is appreciated, your selection is great, and the feedback
 welcome. Awesome job.


Please feel free to post this:

I wish all companies operated like the grape and granary!  The prices are good, the selection is great,

the shipping is fast and accurate, and the customer service is outstanding.  I placed my order on a holiday¬†

weekend and still received it 2 days later.  One of the items I ordered was an extremely delicate hydrometer. 

It was packed in a hard plastic tube and wrapped in 2 inches of bubble wrap but the post office still managed  

to break it.  I called John at the Grape and Granary and within minutes he had another one on its way to me,

no questions asked.  It was such a fast process that I decided to spend some of the time I saved writing ¬†

this email commending them.

Thanks, Fred Fowler Virginia Beach VA


Just dropping you guys a line to let you know I've just tried my IPA from you pre packaged recipe and it is

INCREDIBLE!! Don't know where you get your recipes from but they rock. Keep up the good work. I'll

probably buy another IPA this fall. Would you guy's happen to have a barley wine kit I could do

for theholiday's? Cheers,

Dear G&G,

 I'm messing around in Quicken today (avoiding doing my taxes) and it tells
 me that I've spent more than $3300 at your store over the last 3+ years. I
 buy for 3 of us and we brew together at least 8 or 9 times a year, so it
 adds up. That's a lot of ingredients spread over 45 separate orders.

 In that time, I've never once gotten the wrong stuff, never gotten a
 poorly packed shipment, never gotten ingredients which weren't absolutely
 fresh (except when I specifically requested aged hops), and never had to
 wait more than 48hrs for delivery. I do remember one time when an item was
 missing and you sent it overnight, at your expense, as soon as I brought
 it to your attention. You've handled every special request and rush order
 without complaint. You've called me whenever you've had a question or an
 item has been backordered.

 I must admit that I've also, a few times, bought from a local retailer,
 one with a good reputation and a large number of very loyal customers.
 I've done this when I had an unexpected opportunity to brew and couldn't
 wait for shipping. I doubt I ever will again. The last couple of times I
 went there they tried to sell me 3-month-old yeast, sticky bags of
 extract, and nasty-smelling yellow hops, all for at least 50% more than
 your prices. Why should I pay more for ingredients which aren't as fresh?

 So thanks again for treating me to an unbroken streak of outstanding
 service. You folks are the best!

Paul Hayslett

Just wanted to let you all know how impressed I've been with the service and
products I've received at the G&G.  This was my fourth transaction with your
company (3 online, 1 in person) and every transaction has been characterized
by speed, courtesy, and quality.  This last order was amazing: it was ready
to ship the day I placed the order, and the only reason I didn't get the
shipment the next day was a level 3 snow emergency.  That's amazing service!

It's plain to see that your ingredients are top notch and handled with care.
I was a bit trepidatious about doing my first batches alone, but your clear
instructions guided me easily through the process and have resulted in very
good beers.

Keep up the excellent work!



 I noticed most of the kudos are from online buyers, so I thought I
 should add my 2 cents as a walk-in customer.  I've been home brewing since
 2001 and most of my business has been with the G&G.  Since I live in North
 Canton, I make the short drive to your store, if for nothing else just to
 browse.  I have used both the G&G kits and the Brewer's Best kits and have
 been extremely pleased with all my results (even getting some kudos of my
 own from John when he samples my brews. The couple of times I was in a
 semi-panic state because something seemed to be not going quite right, I'd
 call the G&G and John or Jim or someone would calm my anxiety and lo and
 behold I'd get another excellent brew.  Your selection, prices and
 availablity of items is the best, and I've compared a lot of on-line
 suppliers.  I've attended one of your intermediate beer classes and will
 probably do so again just to refresh my knowledge.  Keep up the good work
 and you'll keep me as a customer.

 John Yoder



Not only did my order get here WAAAAY faster than I had expected, but it
 was all in mint condition, the shipping was less than I expected, and
 just... just... wow...

 great job! internationals should not hesitate ordering from you!

 all the best,



Just a short note to tell you what an excellent job you have been doing.
 I have been a customer for several years, and have been extremely happy
 with your selections, service, and prompt delivery.

 Keep up the excellent work.


Grape and Granary,

Thanks for the excellent service on my recent order. Your online system is the best I have encountered,

andyour service matches that system.


Pat F.


Hi John,

Just fantastic!!

I placed my first order Wed.(4-4) and received it Fri.(4-6). The packaging was protective and sturdy. The

hops look great and I'm looking forward to brewing my first partial grain batch. I really appreciate the

time you took to crush the grains but to also package them separately.

Thanks again,



Thank you for your prompt delivery, it was very impressive. I placed the order on Sunday, and received the

product on Wednesday. Apparently you folks stay on the ball there. Keep up the good work!!!

Brian Diamond


Just thought I would pass back some real positive feedback...

The January Brew King Selection special of Symphony is GREAT!. When bottling, the last bottle is never

quite full so of course you have to sample the newly made wine, even if it is fresh. Wow. I couldn't believe

how good this Symphony is. I have often had the Ironstone Vineyards Symphony they call "Obsession" and

thought that quite good. This is going to give it a run for the money - just to think, when its had time to age!

Anyhow, I have the March Pinot Gris underway, hope that is also on par with the Symphony. Tell the Brew King

people they had a winner with this one. I'm going to have to pay attention to the annual selection from now on!

- Steve



I got the package yesterday afternoon. The inventory was accurate and there was no damage to the contents.

Tonight is the night the wort gets made!Thank you and look for repeat business from this very satisfied customer!


Joel Palmer


Hi folks--Just wanted to express my thanks for an excellent order transaction. I've ordered supplies from several

mail order companies and this was, hands down, the best transaction, start to finish, I've had in the past 7 years.

I didn't expect to find my package waiting on my doorstep 3 days after I placed the order, but there it was. Special

thanks for the expert packaging and everything was clearly labeled. I've never seen anyone transport liquid yeast

with the care and packing that you folks did. And I'm impressed with the overall freshness of all the ingredients.

Thanks a million. I will definitely be a repeat customer.




Awesome service and quality product.......I had just placed my first order with you over a week ago,

prompt delivery and very good prices, I have placed a total of 5 orders since !Keep up the good work, being

far away from a supply store it is extremely nice to have a reliable on-line source to order from.



Alexandria Bay, NY



Your service is peerless. I have been using online shopping for a decade or so - your service and support is

unparalleled in my experience. My satisfaction is absolute. I'll be back, for sure!


Lynden, Washington


I bought your APA kit a while ago and must say it was awesome. Very happy with it. Dortmunder, great too.

Then I also made your Irish Red. I had the first one tonight, and it was fantastic. (Both made with Wyeast

German Ale yeast). I still have one of your IPAs aging, and I am very much looking forward to it. Love your kits.

I play around with them a little bit, but they are a SOLID foundation. I will be back for more of these gems.

Thought I would let you know how pleased I am. You have a really good product in your kits.

Best wishes,

Corey (Univ. Heights)


Hi!! I wanted to let you know that this recipe went over well!!! I brew this batch prior to my wedding. By

the time of the wedding, this beer was ready to go! It was a huge hitter with all of my relatives especially for

all the beer drinkers!! The body was perfect medium-full, chocolate undertones, earthy, beautiful head retention.

Very NICE!!!! I was asked what country was the beer imported from? .My husband really enjoys the recipes

that you guys have in stock. He has been totally a number one fan!! He loves BEER!!! That might have been

my capturing method of him. They do say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach Thanks Guys! Keep

doing what you do! Excellent Customer Service!!


Silver Spring, MD


Just got through reading your Kudos page and did not see any posts with long term customers. I've been

placing orders with you for over a year and will continue to do business with you for years to come. I've

written in with questions, called with questions, and everyone has been qnswered timely and accuraetly. My

wifeand I brew beer and make wine. The selection for both are great. It's also nice knowing we don't have to

leave the house to do this. Keep up the great work.

John Pabst