Barrel- 10 Gal New Char

Barrel- 10 Gal New Char

5 Liter Oak Aging Barrel

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Whiskey Barrel- 5 Liter

These rugged 5 liter whiskey barrels measure 9" x 7.5", can hold about 5-6 (750) ml bottles of your favorite liquor or white dog and yield 170 (1) ounce shots.

These barrels are made by expert Coopers using only 100% American White Oak. Because no nails or glue are ever used, you can be assured that these barrels will impart the very finest natural caramel and vanilla flavors that exist in the medium charred American white oak. These barrels allow the spirit inside to breathe, releasing impurities and allowing the natural flavor of the wood to infuse into your favorite liquor or white dog. In just a few weeks you can have the mellow rich flavor top shelf reserve whiskey, brandy, scotch, tequila or wine.

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