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Oak Beans-American- 2.5 oz Medium Toast

Oak Beans-American- 2.5 oz Medium Toast

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2.5 oz bag of medium toast oak beans. Adds barrel aged flavor. 'StaVin' oak beans produce superior flavors in wine. Buy now!

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2.5 oz bag of medium toast oak beans. Adds barrel aged flavor. 'StaVin' oak beans are 3/8" cubes of oak that produce superior flavors in wine. They are made with 3 yr old air dried oak from Missouri and then traditionally fire toasted. Superior flavor is due to bean density which produces less phenolics and more rounded flavors. Used by many of the best wineries around the world. Use 2.5 oz per 5 gallons of wine. Recommended contact time is 2 months to 8 months.

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