D-254: Lalvin 50 gram

D-254: Lalvin 50 gram

Optimalo Plus-ML Nutrient

Optimalo Plus-ML Nutrient

BM 4x4: Lalvin 5 g

This wine yeast is appreciated around the world for round mouth feel, stable color and consistently completes diverse/difficult fermentations. Order today!

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BM 4x4: Lalvin 5 g (Each)
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Wine Yeasat: Lalvin BM 4x4

Lalvin BM 4x4 is a new yeast blend developed by Lallemand which combines the incredible benefits and flavors of the BM 45 strain, with additional strains for improved reliability and consistent fermentation in potentially difficult environments.

The BM 4x4 yeast blend creates an improved mouthfeel and color stability. In white wines, BM 4x4 releases a high level of esters which helps promote fruit aromas.

BM 4x4 has high nutritional requirements. Consider using Fermaid K or other yeast nutrients depending on what your recipe requires.

Ideal fermentation temperatures for Lalvin BM 4x4 is between 60.8 and 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lalvin BM 4x4 should be stored dry between 39 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit when not in use.

Sold per each. 5 gram pack sufficient for 5 gallons of must.

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