Tequila Barrel Chips- 4 oz Bag

Tequila Barrel Chips- 4 oz Bag

Brandy Barrel Chips- 4 oz Bag

Add the flavors of Brandy to your beer or your grain neutral spirits by infusing it with Brandy Barrel Chips! Order today!

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Brandy Barrel Chips: 4 oz bag

Brewer's Best® Barrel Chips are sanitized by nitrogen purge and ready to use. Add 2 oz. of barrel chips per 5 gallons during secondary fermentation. After 5 days of secondary fermentation sample your beer. If a more intense flavor is desired allow an additional 5 days of aging.

Store any leftover barrel chips in an airtight container for future use. If stored chips dry out, re-sanitize by soaking in a similar spirit at a ratio of 1 oz. of chips to 1 oz. of spirits for 48 hours.
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