Coffee Bean Roasting

Coffee bean roasting is fun, easy and produces the freshest possible cup. It is an art that has been done in the home for centuries. All you need to get started is a gas oven, baking sheet and some green coffee beans.

Roasting instructions: Preheat a gas oven to 500 deg. F.. Place approximately 1/2 pound of green coffee beans on a thick bottomed or perferated baking sheet. Place beans in a single layer. Bake for approximately five minutes or until a 'popping' or crackling noise is heard (called first crack). Then, begin checking roasting progress every minute. When beans have reached your desired level of roast (5-10 minutes of total roasting time), carefully remove the sheet of beans from the oven and transfer them to a cool baking sheet. Refridgerate the beans for 5 minutes to stop the roasting process. Once cool, transfer beans to a collander and stir to remove the chaff. Place the cool roasted beans in a glass jar and seal until ready to brew coffee. Beans will be at their best from 1 day to 3 weeks after roasting.