Erlenmeyer Flask-1000 ML- Kimax

Erlenmeyer Flask-1000 ML- Kimax

Erlenmeyer Flask- 5000 ML

Erlenmeyer Flask- 5000 ML

Erlenmeyer Flask-2000 ML- Pyrex Heavy Duty

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2000 ml. flask. Great for making yeast starters or culturing up yeast cells. Boil, cool and ferment right in the flask. Takes a #9.5 stopper (RS18).

Narrow mouth with heavy duty rim, Graduations in durable white enamel, Heavy duty with large marking spot, Thermal & mechanical shock resistance:

Size: 2000ml

Sub div: 200ml

Grad. Range: 600-1800ml

Mouth Opening: 48mm

Apprx Height: 265mm

Stopper Size: 9.5

Made of Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a type of 'Pyrex' which withstands heating and cooling without breaking easily.
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