Kegging System -Reconditioned Soda Keg

Kegging System -Reconditioned Soda Keg

Keg King Spundy Valve

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When it comes to running pressure processes in your brewery, you need pressure relief control that you can rely on to be accurate, responsive, and sanitary.

The Spundy is low profile, sitting just 4.5cm tall, to help brewers fit their pressure equipment in height limited fermentation chambers, fridges, or cupboards. When attached to a gas post on your fermenter, it will only add 2.5cm to the height of the vessel.

Ready to use right out of the box, the Spundy attaches to your cornelius style gas posts or carbonation caps just like a grey/gas disconnect would, so there is no need to buy another disconnect just to connect this spunding valve your equipment.

This valve provides brewers with the ability to set the pressure control simply by turning the black valve tip clockwise to increase pressure or counter-clockwise to release.

The built in pressure gauge lets brewers see exactly what pressure is being held from 0 to 30psi (2bar). The built in pressure gauge unscrews for easy cleaning.

The Spundy is great for controlling fermentation pressure, but also can be used for releasing gas during pressure transfers. This allows you to transfer carbonated beer from a fermentor into a keg oxygen free with minimal head formation.

Cleaning and sanitizing: Remove the pressure gauge with a 12mm wrench and set aside. Disassemble the body and knob, clean with warm PBW or equivalent detergent, and sanitize with StarSan or equivalent home brewing sanitizer. Do not submerge the pressure gauge in liquids.

Warning: The Spundy is not an approved pressure relief valve (PRV) or a pressure safety device. Always use a PRV on the vessel as prescribed by the manufacture. The Spundy is not to be used on vessels that are not pressure rated. Do not exceed 30 PSI.

Operating Range: 5-25 PSI

Height = 4.5cm

Width = 3cm

Width with gauge and valve stem = 7cm

Weight = 50grams
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