Hop Steeping Ball w/ Chain

Hop Steeping Ball w/ Chain

Kettle Hopping Filter- 300 Micron Mesh

Keeps Hops together in the filter and out of the kettle. 6" W x 14" L, 300 Micron Mesh. Less trub. More beer! Order yours today!

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Kettle Hopping Filter (Spider) 6"W x 14" L, 300 Micron Mesh

The Kettle Hopper Filter keeps hops together during the boil, and can be used on all appropriate sized boil pots.

Made with a coarser, 300 micron mesh, it will filter out much of the material from hops that can clog wort chillers and increase amounts of trub.

This Kettle Filter can be used for any kind of hops, including hop pellets.

  • Specs:

  • Diameter: 6"

  • Length: 14"

  • Material: 300 micron 304 grade stainless steel mesh, with stainless steel support bands and hooks.
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