Go Ferm Nutrient- 1 oz

Go Ferm Nutrient- 1 oz

Optimalo Plus- Nutrient- 40 gram packet

Use 4 grams per 5 gallons. Add when you add the ml culture. Order today!

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Opti-malo Plus ML Nutirent for encouraging a complete malo-lactic fermentation. 40 gram pack.

Use one (40 gram) pack per 50 gallons. Add when you add the ml culture.

Opti-Malo plus is a blend of specific inactivated yeast, rich in amino nitrogen, cell wall polysaccharides and cellulose. It supplies the complex nutrient requirements of the ML bacteria. Benefits of Optimalo plus include: Better nutrient availability in the wine, faster start of the ML fermentation, better survival and faster growth of the bacterial starter culture and reduced risk of MLF by undesired bacteria.

Suspend opti-malo plus in a small amount of water or wine and then add directly to the wine at anytime from 48 hours prior to or up until the same time as the ML bacteria addition. Do not combine with freeze-dried ml culture in rehydration water.
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