Gin Turbo Yeast-  u3

Gin Turbo Yeast- u3

Turbo Yeast- 48 Hour (G&G Brand)

Grape and Granary brand turbo classic yeast. The best all-around turbo yeast for sugar washes. Order today!
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48 Hour Turbo Classic Yeast (Grape and Granary)

Used to produce a range of alcoholic beverages and will provide a more natural, smooth, fuller flavor than using potable distilled alcohol (GNS). Contains a complete macro and micro nutrient blend. Also contains a temperature tolerant active dried distillers yeast; It is capable of fermenting pure glucose-based sugar syrups and sugar washes to 20% ABV in 7 days with no additional nutritional requirements. This product also contains fermentation activators to ensure rapid start to fermentation.

Combine 17.6 lbs of sugar, turbo yeast and 5.8 gallons of water to make a 20% alcohol wash or combine 14.2 lbs of sugar, turbo yeast and 5.8 gallon of water to make a 14% alcohol wash.

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