Crushers and Presses

Crushers and Presses

A well built fruit crusher and wine press is a must have for any serious winemaking enthusiast. Especially those making wine from fresh grapes or fresh fruit. The right crusher can help you make short work of grapes, crushing hundreds of pounds and removing the stems quickly and effeciently.

For small batches of grape or fruit wine (less than 5 US gallons), we recommend a small crusher such as the Vintage Shop Fruit Crusher. It does not remove stems but is perfect for crushing small fruit or grape wine batches. A small tabletop press such as the Marchisio Table Press will make short work of pressing grapes and fruit.

For the more serious winemaker making 10 gallon batch sizes or more, a more sizable crusher is needed to make short work of grapes and fruit. A manual crusher with a Destemmer or possibly without a Destemmer will do the trick. A medium sized grape press such as our #30 Basket Press will hold all the pulp and press it out at one time

The serious or semi-professional winemaker will likely want a Motorized Destemmer which can plow through 1.5 tons of grapes per hour without breaking a sweat. This type of winemaker would likely do best with a good size wine press such as a #35 Basket Press

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