Wine Filter

Just before you decide to bottle your hand crafted wine, you may want to use a Wine Filter . Filtration helps to insure that as the wine matures in the bottle, a sediment does not form. Filtration also creates a professional looking 'polish' to the wine. The Wine Filter will remove the causes of sediment which are mainly yeast cells, unstable tartaric acid and tannins. Filtration is most effective when the wine is chilled. If possible, allow the wine to sit in spare fridge or out doors at 45 deg F. for a week or so prior to filtering. Then, pass the wine through the wine filter while the wine is still cold.

The type of wine filter you choose will largely depend on the volume of wine to be filtered. For the average winemaker making only a few gallons of wine at a time, we recommend the VinFilter System. This system is slower than some filter systems, but the quality of the filtration is very good. For those winemakers producing 5-15 gallons at a time, we recommend both the Vintage Shop Pressure Filter System and the Buon Vino Mini-Jet System. The Vintage shop pressure filter does an excellent job of filtration but requires the winemaker to transfer the wine to a pressure tank prior to filtering. The Mini Jet also does an excellent job of filtration and uses a motorized pump to pull the wine up out of the bulk tank and push it through the filter pad. For the winemaker producing or filtering more than 25 gallons at a time, we recommend the Buon Vino Super Jet. The Superjet also utilizes a pump to pull the wine from the bulk tank and pass it through filter pads of various sizes. It also uses a guage which allows the user to monitor the filter pad usage and change filter pads at the proper time.

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