Winemaking Tanks and Stands

Tanks are a very useful piece of equipment in the winemaking process. Grape and Granary offers a variety of variable capacity winemaking tanks to make your winemaking experience easier.

We offer 100, 200 and 300 liter size tanks to accomodate a wide range of batch sizes. The beauty of a variable capacity wine tank is that the volume of wine is unimportant. The lid of the variable capacity tank will float on the surface of the wine (regardless of the wine volume) keeping oxygen (and thus oxidation) at away.

Grape and Granary also offer a full selection of parts for variable capacity wine tanks such as tank stands, replacement guages, air vents, replacement inflatable vinyl gaskets and more!

Variable capacity wine tanks can be used for the following:

  • 1) Primary Fermentation: Inflate the gasket on the lid and then place it on the top of your tank while you are conducting primary fermentation. It will not seal but it will allow fermentation gas to escape and it will keep out bugs and pests.
  • 2) Bulk Aging: Use the tank for secondary fermentation and bulk aging (this is the most common use). Float the lid on the surface of the wine and then inflate the gasket (bladder). All air will not be excluded from contacting the wine regardless of the volume of wine in the tank.
  • 3) Serving Tank: Fill bottles or jugs of wine as you need them. Then, after filling bottles and jugs, lower the lid to touch the suface of the wine and re-inflate the bladder. Your bulk wine will not oxidize as you have no air space in the serving/storage tank

  • Contact Us if you have questions about any of our winemaking tanks and stands.