Cheesemaking Kits and Ingredients

Cheesemaking is a fun and relatively easy hobby to get into, with a delicious payoff at the end of course! If you're looking to get started with cheesemaking you've come to the right place. Grape and Granary has everything you need every step of the way through the cheesemaking process. So if you're looking for cheese cloth, yogurt cultures, cheese salt, cheese wax, and so much more, you'll find it right here! Contact us with any questions at all that you have about the cheesemaking process.

Milk for Cheesemaking

Cheesemaking is an easy process with most kinds of milk. However you cannot use "ULTRA" pasteurized milk. This type of milk does not make good cheese at all. Normally Pasteurized milk will work just fine. If you cannot get your hands on non-ultra-pasteurized milk, try using the following dried milk powder and cream method: Mix dry milk powder with water (follow instructions on box) to make one gallon of milk, add one pint whipping cream and 1/2 tsp calcium chloride.